Aircon Servicing in Singapore

With today’s blistering heat, you just cannot discount an air-conditioning unit’s power to cool up your surroundings. There is no denying that you have to have this device may it be in your homes or workplace lest compromise your comfortability and productivity.
Sure enough, you have it either at your house or work or business places. For almost all the first world countries in the world, like USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, and Singapore, every building has air-conditioning units, a lot of it actually.
It helps a lot in providing comfort in your place. However, air-conditioning units require good care for better efficiency and performance. This is when you need professionals to visit you to repair or clean your units.
Benefits of prompt aircon maintenance
One of the things you get from regularly hiring aircon servicing singapore companies to, for instance, clean your system, is you allow the service personnel to check-up the unit as to any existing or possible damage. This is in contrast to when you yourself conduct the cleaning (which you could always possibly do), since regular maintenance and proper care are best done by experts.
This can make you save a lot of money by avoiding potential damage from lack of maintenance. Not only that, with sufficient care, you eventually could reduce energy costs, extend the life of the equipment, and improve system performance.
Studies provide that keeping the aircon’s filter clean lowers energy consumption that yields to a substantial savings.
Risks of poor equipment care
On the other hand, studies also show potential serious risks are imminent from a poorly maintained air-conditioning unit. When you leave your aircon without professional care for a long period of time, bacteria, viruses, and fungi may start to live in there. You surely do not want critical health hazards lurking in the place you spend most of the time with.
The pollutants and contaminants that have developed in the airconditioning system may cause you to have asthma, allergies, rhinitis, and the likes. This is due to the poor cleaning method (if you do the cleaning alone, or none at all) that leads to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other microscopic organisms which are being circulated by the air around your space.
One prominent disease that is said to originate from a badly maintained air-conditioning system is the Legionnaire’s disease. It is caused by Legionella bacteria which thrives in water. When it gets into the system and reaches the part where droplets of water come from, the bacteria may multiply and Legionnaire’s disease can spread throughout the area. That is why you should be prompt in attending to your air-conditioning unit’s needs.
Aircon servicing, generally, involves cleaning air filers, louvers, vents, coils, drainage pipe and other damages. The cost for these services may be a bit pricey. When you are in Singapore, for instance, prices may range from $35 to $150 depending on the size, type, servicing company, or extent of damage of your system. Definitely, we forget the price if quality and health are at stake.